Year End and Renewal

by Bren Keenan and Jennifer Holtslander in Miscellaneous

‘There’s nothing new under the sun,’ that’s what you wrote, Ecclesiastes.
But you yourself were born under a new sun.
— Wislawa Szymborska 

It is nearing the end of the year… fourteen years into a new century. (Yes, fourteen including 2000!)
As children we often look at the mystery of time. We wonder about what it was like to have lived “long ago” at the beginning of an earlier century or what the future will look like in the years to come. It seems as though it is all new. Ideas, philosophy, art, music, life… everything is new, and it is all ours. And then we grow up.
However, we are often told that growing up means accepting the adage: “There is nothing new under the sun.”
However, looking at it from the view of creativity it is not true.
There are always new things to explore and create and discover.
While there are over seven billion first gasps and cries as children enter this world today each one of those voices is new and unique to this life.


Each new piece of artwork, of music, of dance or of any creative enterprise is as individual as the minds that created them and because of that they are each completely new under this old sun.
As Szymborska pointed out, the sun is new each moment… growing, shrinking, changing as it expels its gases and the elements within. Even old Sol does not remain the same.
We look forward to the year to come. To welcoming new creations from new artists, each with its own unique perspective looking for you to add to those perspectives. We are happy to have you here and we invite you to explore all of the artworks represented here.
Enjoy. Share. Return as often as you wish.